Viral Now: Hyundai's out-of-the-world idea

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital | April 16, 2015
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In a touching video, Hyundai takes a daughter's message to her astronaut father.

A lot of brands take things to another level to connect with the consumers. But, Hyundai used an out-of-the-world execution to promote its sedans.

In the new campaign, 'A message to space', the brand reached out to 13-year-old Stephanie to be part of her story. Stephanie's father works at the International Space Station and, therefore, does not get the opportunity to speak to her all the time. What the brand tried to do is send a loving message from the daughter to the father up in space.

In the video, Hyundai gets a fleet - 11 to be exact - of Genesis Sedans to drive across a specific pattern on a huge, open patch of land. The final outcome is a message in the daughter's handwriting which can be read from space. The video not only chokes one up, but also shows a bit of precision driving that is possible on its sedans.

By the way, the stunt also netted the automaker a Guinness World Record for the largest tire track image. There is more about the story on

Uploaded on YouTube on April 9, the video has quickly gone viral and has garnered over nine million views in the last one week.

Meanwhile, this is likely to remind some of Greenpeace's campaign in December last year, where the environmental activists put up a huge banner in the sensitive site of Peru's Nazca Lines. Greenpeace was made to apologise for the environmental damage as well as for alienating those who do not speak in English - including the country where the Nazca Lines are located.

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