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By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital | May 04, 2015
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Post It, an office stationery brand, used 300 people and thousands of Post It notes to create the perfect proposal for a Korean couple.

A regular office supply, at best a fun little stationery product people use. How can 'Post It' become part of a larger, emotional story, you wonder? By becoming part of someone's life-changing decision.

3M's brand Post It, in Korea, created a campaign showing a man popping the question to his girlfriend. But, as the trend is these days or as social media dictates, it could not have been a simple proposal. Enter, Post It.

The video starts with the couple going out for dinner and the man excusing himself for a bit. The lady in question then receives a call which asks her to look out. She notices a giant skyscraper where many people are working together to put out a message. As she looks on, a heart appears - made entirely out of yellow and pink Post It notes. And the question appears within it.

Innored, a Seoul-based agency, created the campaign. Quite a clever choice, as surprise proposal videos generally tend to be viewed a lot on social media platforms. Around 300 people were used to slap the Post It notes on the skyscraper.

The ad was made in honour of White Day, a South Korean holiday similar to Valentine's Day, in which men give women candy and gifts. The video, uploaded on You Tube on April 19, has so far garnered 2.6 million hits.

This may also remind people of the Bournville Mall Proposal. While the proposal didn't quite go as planned - with the girl not just rejecting but walking off - it made for a perfect video for the chocolate brand whose tagline goes 'Not so Sweet'.

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