Viral Now: TrueMove's latest tear-jerker

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital
Last updated : May 14, 2015
The mobile operator has come out with a film about compassion, garnering nearly two million hits in just a few weeks.

Advertising agencies in Thailand are known for the emotionally-charged ads they churn out. The latest one for mobile operator TrueMove is a tear-jerker too.

Just like the brand's previous campaigns, this one too tugs at the heartstrings. One of the themes TrueMove generally works with is compassion and giving. The brand's latest video is also a take on the same topic, albeit with the background of World War I.

The video starts with a young lady talking about how her father had been a harsh man. He was put in prison after being captured during the World War I. But, when he returned, he was a changed man, and he wanted to help people more than ever. As his last wish, the daughter had tracked down the lady who had changed her father's life.

But, the lady was now a fragile old woman, and had claimed to have never said anything to the man in question. All she had done instead was reached out to him to show some compassion. And for that she was punished by the army/ guards.

Historically, Thailand was used by Japan during the World War I to maintain smooth operations. While the prisoners were kept in camps or made to work on roads, the locals often helped them and showed them compassion. History is rife with stories of such help, and many of them ended with the locals being punished for being compassionate towards the prisoners.

The video is a reminder that compassion works even when other things do not. And, thus, it ends with the thought 'compassion is true communication'.

The video, which was uploaded by the company on April 30, has already garnered 1.8 million views on YouTube.

First Published : May 14, 2015
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