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By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital | June 02, 2015
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As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, the online video sharing platform has brought out a video that pays tribute to a range of trends as seen in the last decade on YouTube.

The virtual world is a huge place. One can find anything (what YouTube calls the A to Z) hidden in the intricate web that make the internet. That, probably, is exactly what the folks at YouTube thought about when they started to make a video for the online video sharing platform's 10th anniversary.

Ten years of YouTube have seen a whole lot of trends and fancy ideas coming up in the world. From new singing sensations to concepts such as flash mobs and ice buckets, YouTube made people aware, angry, excited or happy. And thus, the A to Z is nothing but a countdown of various things that stole the majority of eyeballs on the platform.

It begins with A for animals - for the insane number of cats and dogs and even pet parrot videos which have been uploaded, to beauty - as redefined by bloggers, C for the covers of popular musical numbers to the D of dance. In the same countdown Red Bull Stratos (E, as in Epic), Psy (G for Gangnam Style), Jimmy Kimmel (J, obviously), memes (because there has been too many of them recently), time-lapses and so on. The most nostalgic - for those who know - is Z for Zoo, which featured a glimpse of the first ever video posted on YouTube - all of 18 seconds, but a glimpse of what was to come.

While much of the content for the A to Z video, itself had gone viral, the current video, uploaded on May 28, has got over nine million likes on YouTube. Meanwhile, YouTube had also conducted a poll to ask viewers to choose from the top 20 ads from the last 10 years on YouTube.

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