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Why You Should Add Images to Every Marketing Campaign

By Diksha Seth , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing | June 26, 2015
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The common link for how to run a successful marketing campaign is Visual Content or Images that are capable of enticing people to click on a particular ad and subconsciously coax a person to buying a magazine.

Thousands of "likes" on Facebook. Thousands of "followers" on Instagram. Thousands of magazines sold within an hour of being placed on stands. Wondering what could be the common thread between these successful marketing campaigns, which lead to customer engagement and eventually resulted into sales? The common link for how to run a successful marketing campaign is Visual Content or Images that are capable of enticing people to click on a particular ad and subconsciously coax a person to buying a magazine.

As David Ogilvy said, "What you say in advertising (to build a brand) is more important than how you say it". This still holds true as the efficacy of a medium for a brand depends majorly on the content. So, a brand needs to synergize its marketing content with the properties of the medium. Today grabbing eyeballs from your target audience is highly competitive in every space, be it digital or print. Thus, it is imperative for marketers to opt for solutions which can make their brand messaging clean and simple.

"Seeing is believing."

It is a known fact that people are more drawn to seeing information/relevant images rather than reading about it. Also, images and videos are touted as the foundation block of the digital marketing scene. Keeping up with this trend that digital marketers/content publishers have started using is important as visual content can communicate complex messages very quickly. In addition, engaging and/or beautiful visuals allow marketers to set their content apart from all the clutter floating around the web.

Visual Content - What is it?

Relevant and high-quality stock photos and videos, like ones from Bigstock, can help marketers to provide their customers with important information at a glance. Infographics, and even funny memes can also visually guide customers through valuable data and calls to action without requiring them to read through a lot of text.

More often than not, visual content helps engage the viewers/readers almost instantly and the impression they leave lasts longer than mere words. Integrating images in all your marketing campaigns can help you to differentiate your business from the competition. This can also give your potential customers a quick preview of your brand's strengths.

Also, finding relevant images/visual content to your marketing campaigns was never this easy - thanks to stock photography. One may surf and choose apt images/vectors pertaining to the theme of a brand's campaign from portals such as Bigstock, which offer high-quality, engaging photos that help in increasing the performance of ads.

Why focus Now?

We almost never hear about texts going viral but pictures and videos can create a stir if it hits the right note with the right audience. The emergence of social media platforms has opened up a new world of opportunities for marketers. These days, almost every company worth its salt is available on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Brands have also started to explore Instagram, which focuses solely on photos, video and other imagery. When it comes to advertising on these platforms, images capture more attention from users than text-only posts.

Say Hello to Conversions!

And of course, everything a marketer does is meant for only one goal - getting more and more conversions and customer engagement. A well-designed website with relevant images and information, videos, etc is likely to attract more returning users.

A marketing campaign is incomplete without useful visual content. Publishers/ marketers must use images true to the spirit of their brand and think of them as 'Brand Art'. Tapping into human's innate ability to perceive visual content more easily has become essential, especially when we are being bombarded with information that we do not have the time to read. One must learn to use this to his/her brand's advantage.

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