Maruti overtakes Reliance as media favourite

By , agencyfaqs! | In | June 18, 2002
The Maruti disinvestment and the subsequent events have made Maruti the hottest news property according to a report by Cirrus

Corporate India has a new image leader. According to Cirrus, a service from agencyfaqs! which monitors the media perception of over 1,100 companies, Maruti has received the maximum positive cumulative coverage since October 2001, when the service was launched. The automotive company took the top spot in the first days of June, overtaking Reliance Industries, which had been the numero uno in the two months before that on the Cirrus Image Index (which is based on positive coverage less negative coverage).

Maruti's route to the top has been the consequence of extensive media coverage following the government's disinvestment in the company. The reappointment of Jagdish Khattar by Suzuki as managing director and the company's plans for an IPO were the other highlights that gained attention.

This is not the first time that Maruti has topped in positive media coverage. It was the leader at the end of October only to see its lead snatched by Microsoft a month later. By year end 2001, UTI had reached pole position, replacing the software company.

At the end of January, 2002, Hindustan Lever was No 1, but only briefly, because a month later Infosys was leading the pack. In March, newspapers and magazines were awash with the news and implications of the merger between Reliance Industries and Reliance Petroleum. This allowed it to replace Infosys in early April. Reliance stayed at the vanguard for about two months in a list where the leader is typically overtaken in about 30 days.

Maruti's lead on Reliance is substantial and it will be interesting to see for how long it can stay ahead of the rest.

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