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How to Improve Your Website with Relevant Video Content

By Diksha Seth , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing
Last updated : July 22, 2015
Video content will account for 69% of all the Internet traffic by 2017

If you could know where you would be five years into the future, would you rather read about it or watch it?, Visual storytelling has taken digital industry by storm. Read on to learn how to improve your website with relevant video content.


Video content will account for 69% of all the Internet traffic by 2017, according to a recent study conducted by Cisco. As video is touted as the future of content marketing, companies are wondering how they can leverage the power of videos to attract a larger audience on their website. Every month, Youtube receives over a billion new users - this share is more than what one can achieve from a single channel. Lately, even Facebook India has been focusing on videos due to the growing interest of consumers around visual communication(source:Interview with Kirthiga Reddy,Facebook-India). What other form of content can garner so many eyeballs for your brand in one go?

The Internet is filled with multiple success stories of videos that have gone viral, as video content is more engaging in today's world of information overload. It is imperative for businesses to offer content that is easy to interpret; if not, consumers will simply move on. Axonn Research found out that 7 out of 10 people view brands in a comparatively more positive light after watching an intriguing video about their services. It is important for businesses to consider their target audience and ensure the videos they use are relevant.

So is video is really the best possible marketing tool for every sort of business? Production costs have significantly reduced in the past few years and you no longer need to be a tech-savvy person to work your way around it. Moreover, many service providers have also come to a layman's rescue, such as Bigstock, which offers stock HD and 4k video content. These services have dramatically increased the opportunity for businesses to get started on a limited budget.
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Remember to be creative with your branding, not only with the videos but with your campaign strategy as well. Creativity wins over the cost of production every time. If you get that bit right, then video won't just be the future of content marketing in general, it will become the future of content marketing for your brand too.
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First Published : July 22, 2015

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