Viral Now: When Burger King sent McDonald's a friend request

By Sohini Sen , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Digital | September 03, 2015
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The international burger chain proposed a day of peace to rival McDonald's, by offering to jointly make a McWhopper.

International burger chain Burger King, recently, extended a hand of friendship to its rival McDonald's to commemorate Peace Day.

Burger King made McDonald's an offer it...well...refused. The former's idea was to make a mash up of Burger King's famous Whopper and McDonald's popular Big Mac. According to the open letter sent to McDonald's from Burger King, this would include all the best bits from both the burgers, cooked together and available in one location for one single day - September 21, or Peace Day.

However, McDonald's, rather diplomatically, turned down the offer.

Burger King made the offer even more interesting by posting a video on YouTube explaining exactly what they had in mind. 'Burying the beef with beef', as they call it, Burger King's video is entertaining as well as interactive; which explains why it has been viewed over 1.5 million times in the past few days.

The stunt was a combined effort from Burger King's agencies Y&R in New Zealand, Code & Theory, Alison Brod Public Relations, The David Agency, Rock Orange, Turner Duckworth and Horizon.

It seems that brands are no longer shying away from speaking to their competitors on social media. Whether this points to a healthier, competitive environment or is just a new style of brand wars remains to be seen.

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