TAM AdEx: Print advertising for teleshopping brands was up by 116 per cent during Jan-Jun 2015, year-on-year

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Last updated : December 17, 2015
Telemart Shopping Network and Qs Hot Deals were the top advertisers for TV and print, respectively.

The TAM Media Research's division AdEx has provided an overview of the advertising ad volume in the teleshopping brands category, on different platforms, between January and June 2015. The report looks at advertising in television, print and radio, with the entire analysis based on ad volumes, expressed in secondages or column centimetres. The figures should be taken only as indicative, and not absolute.

The teleshopping category here is defined as one products which are not available on any retail platform, but can be bought only via tele-booking.

TAM Digital

According to the report, advertising for teleshopping brands on TV and in print increased by 32 per cent and 116 per cent respectively, during January-June 2015, compared to the January-June 2014 period. Radio saw no advertising by this category.

Television had 76 per cent share of the ad insertions pie while within print, insertions rose significantly in the month of March 2015.

Telemart Shopping Network

The report also says that Telemart Shopping Network and Qs Hot Deals were the top advertisers for television and print, respectively. Madhumeh Aarogya Amrit and Amazing Online Shopee were the top new brands on television and print, respectively.

In print, Mumbai was the top city, with 8 per cent share of advertising, followed by Bengaluru and Nagpur, each with a share of 3 per cent. Hindi was the top language in print advertising with a 55 per cent share, followed by Marathi, which had a share of 12 per cent.

First Published : December 17, 2015

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