Apple Stuns Once Again; Displays Ads Clicked On iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

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Last updated : February 08, 2016
The outdoor 'ads' are photographs clicked by users of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Around ten months back, Apple ran an outdoor campaign, using photographs clicked by users of the iPhone 6. The campaign fetched ad agency TBWAMedia Arts Lab an outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes.

The second leg of the campaign is out. The brand is running a similar campaign presently; it comprises stunning photographs clicked by users of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. To view all the ads, click here:

This is a global campaign known in the media as 'Apple World Gallery'. Reportedly, this year's campaign includes over 50 images clicked by over 40 photographers (both, amateur and professional), that are being displayed in around 85 cities across over 25 countries. In all, there are over 10,000 billboards, across the world, reports Business Insider.

About last year's campaign, the article says, "The campaign was seen at least 6.5 billion different times, mentioned by 24,000 'opinion leaders,' and...95 per cent of the mentions about the campaign online were positive."

The copy on the current billboards reads: 'Shot on iPhone 6s'. In Mumbai, the billboards carry the Vodafone logo. In Delhi, the billboards carry the Airtel logo.

On its web page, team Apple says about the images, "The world's most popular camera is better than ever. Each photo and the original taken with iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus - without filters, adjustments or retouching. Imagine what you can do with a camera this advanced, along with the powerful editing tools built into your iPhone."

Meanwhile, Israeli photographer Sephi Bergerson shot an entire Indian wedding on his iPhone 6s Plus. In the video, which was published on YouTube last month, he mentions, "It is not going to replace the DSLRs... but enables a different range of shooting." Bergerson, it turns out, currently works out of India.

The difference between traditional cameras and an iPhone, he explains in his film, is that the latter allows him to maintain eye contact with the subject being photographed or filmed, something that can't be done when shooting on a DSLR camera. The post-production editing can also be done on the iPhone 6s Plus, he says.

Wondering whether the video is a piece of branded content released by Apple, surfers have left several comments on the YouTube page. Bergerson's response reads: "Why can't someone just do something because they want to see how it comes out? I've been shooting with SLR cameras for more than 30 years. Am I allowed to try something new without being suspected of making a PR piece for Apple?"

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First Published : February 08, 2016


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