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BMW India steals the show at the Auto Expo 2016

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Last updated : February 13, 2016
Becomes the most talked about Auto Brand on social media.

The 13th edition of the Delhi Auto Expo kicked off for the media at the India Expo Mart (IEM) in Greater Noida on Wednesday, with brands from over 20 countries showcasing various cars, bikes and automobile trends. India's flagship automobile show was nothing less than a spectacle on social media as it was on ground.

BMW at Auto Expo

With the automobile brands gunning to reach a wider audience through social media by posting real-time content pieces, BMW India stole the show with more than 19,000 mentions during the period. Among the compared automobile brands, BMW India's Share of Voice was at a whopping 39% followed by Audi and Toyota.


The automobile giant was seen trending on Twitter with different hashtags for 5 consecutive days. The brand was seen interacting with its fans and also played the 'Expo Quotient' on their channels - revealing all new launches and its features while asking their fans to join in the conversation in an exciting way.

Sachin Tendulkar at BMW Pavillion

The automobile brands this year were also seen leveraging on the shorter format of real-time videos. BMW India took a lead here as well. Not only did they live webcast the unveiling of the latest cars at the expo but also published a lot of planned and real-time short videos every day from the venue.

During the expo, BMW unveiled the All-New BMW 7 Series and the All-New BMW X1 with Sachin Tendulkar.

All in all, it is interesting to see Luxury automobile brands harnessing the power of social media to reach out to their fans. The future sure looks interesting as we expect to see more and more innovations headed our way.

Data Source: Sysomos.

First Published : February 13, 2016

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