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Unboxing Happiness - Chevrolet's new digital campaign will bring back your childhood memories

By Diksha Seth , afaqs!, National | In Automotives | February 16, 2016
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Chevrolet brought its new offering, Trailblazer to your doorsteps via Amazon India and got the car out of the box, quiet literally.

Childhood memories and desires are etched in our hearts and they will always hold a special significance. Focusing on this insight, Chevrolet has recently launched a new digital campaign, which depicts the love story of a young couple and how Chevrolet via Amazon India helps the wife to easily book the car for her husband to surprise him.

The 3-minute long video opens with the voice-over of the wife narrating their journey as couple so far. While candidly describing their relationship, she talks about her husband's favorite childhood memory of a small Chevrolet toy car, which his uncle had bought him from the US. Fearing that it might get damaged, Rajiv, the male protagonist never takes the car out of the box. In a bid to surprise her loving husband, the wife logs on to Amazon India to book the all new Chevrolet Trailblazer. The car arrives in the big mystery box and leaves Rajiv completely spell bound and he finally takes the car(s) out of the box. His wife's gesture makes him nostalgic and helps him to overcome his fear.

This video is a part of the bigger digital campaign, which was launched across the social media. On Day 1, pictures of the truck carrying a big amazon package sparked conversations. People started tweeting and sharing the pictures of the truck, which was spotted on Mumbai-Pune highway with hashtag -#MysteryBox. On the second day, the conversations were seeded around content of the box to create curiosity among the people with the hashtag - #WhatsInTheBox. On the following day - a teaser of the video was launched along with the hashtags (#WhatsInTheBox & #MysteryBox) to create excitement among the online community.

Chevrolet Trailblazer is the first and only car, which was made available for online booking from Amazon India for a limited time period. Car makers in India are trying to get the show back on the road and they are certainly leaving no stone unturned to woo their customers. Reaching out to them in their comfort zone and offering them a hassle-free service might help Chevrolet to stand out in the cluttered automotive segment.

The video is high on emotional quotient and the campaign stood out for the way it was curated, planned and executed.

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