Tang's AOR account is up for grabs

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Last updated : August 07, 2002
Philip Morris subsidiary KSJ India is 'evaluating the media options' for its powdered soft drinks brand Tang

"No, we have not moved Tang's AOR account to OMN. We have not negotiated any fees nor have we signed any contract with OMN. So there is no question of giving the business to OMN": Ajit Sahgal, director, KJS India.

Surprised? But this is how it stands now.

The AOR of Tang has not been awarded to Optimal Media Network (OMN), the media division of TBWAAnthem. At least not as yet. For quite some time now, rumour in the agency circles had it that the estimated Rs 4-crore media planning and buying account of Tang, the powdered soft drinks brand from KJS India (the 100 per cent subsidiary of Philip Morris India) stable, has shifted to OMN. When agencyfaqs! contacted Sahgal, he categorically denied having 'awarded' the AOR of Tang to OMN.

Quelling all rumours and misconceptions, Sahgal put the event in perspective. "We are in the process of evaluating the media needs for Tang. The process hasn't reached its logical conclusion yet." That is not to say that OMN was not in the picture at all. "Yes, OMN did come to us. And so far we have just had only a preliminary discussion."

While the AOR account of Tang is handled by Maximize India, Sahgal admits, KJS is evaluating the effectiveness of its media solutions. "The concern for Tang is to see how, in the most effective manner, its media spends can bring about the best results for the brand. Based on this thought, OMN came up with some impressive ideas," says Sahgal.

However, as is obvious, the discussions are still at a preliminary stage. "Just one round of talks is not enough to take a decision. We do not mind better alternatives as long as the requirements are met," says Sahgal, flashing a ray of hope for prospective bidders for the account. Our conversation with Saghal indicated there is no third agency in the picture yet.

"Maximize is still the media agency. We have worked with it; so we have a general assessment of the agency. Though we are in a dialogue with Maximize, we are looking at alternatives too," reiterates Sahgal.

As things stand now, KJS is clear it is 'open to better options'. And the company has set itself a deadline of October to fix up its media agency - Maximize or a new one. Sahgal, however, refused to disclose the size of the AOR account, saying it is against company policy.

But with all the hullabaloo around it, the Tang AOR promises to be a juicy one! © 2002 agencyfaqs!

First Published : August 07, 2002
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