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Why Should You Come to Click Asia Summit 2016?

By News Bureau, Marketing Interactive , afaqs!, National | In Digital
Last updated : April 18, 2016
So, we asked our speakers why should someone attend their sessions and responses poured in like rain. Here are 22 reasons for you not to miss one of the most in-depth conferences in terms of content when it comes to learning about digital transformation & content.

Go ahead, check out the reasons!

1. Ryan Bonnici, Marketing Director @ HubSpot APAC & Japan

"With so many game-changing developments happening around inbound marketing and sales, there has never been a more crucial time for marketers to shift from outbound marketing tactics (interruptive in nature) to inbound marketing tactics (attraction-oriented in nature). I'll be walking you through the top trends that are taking our industry by storm, key inbound marketing strategies and hacks to improve your own efforts, and we'll have a little bit of fun too, of course!"

2.Markus L Keiper, Chief Transformation Architect @ Global Leadership Foundry


It is my belief that the digital natives of India will have a massive say about the future of our world. How will we communicate, trade, measure, connect, etc.? The Indian startup as well as the corporate scene will have their way and the world will listen."

3. Nitin Bawankule, Director - Ecommerce, Retail, Online Classifieds, Technology, Education and Government @ Google

"It will be a one stop session for Google's insights on India's Internet ecosystem & eCommerce landscape with the latest information available."

4. Abraham Alapatt, President & Group Head - Marketing, Service Quality, Financial Services & Innovation @ Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.

"Because the world needs dreamers.

Because the world needs simple solutions and everyone needs a better mousetrap. Because I want to share some of our dreams - where we try to solve real, human problems/needs."

5. Avinash Jhangiani, Chief Innovation Officer @ Omnicom Media Group

"Because we will be experiencing "what's next for digital" and hacking growth for brands with digital transformation."

6. Gulshan Verma, Chief Revenue Officer @ Times Internet Limited

"My session at Click Asia Summit 2016 is all about "What's streaming got to do with transformation?" where I will look at this particular digital evolution from a new angle and also share my insights from our own streaming platforms at Times Internet such as Gaana.com and more.

A session with a lot of interesting and insightful takeaways!"

7. Deepak Sharma, EVP & Head - Digital Initiatives @ Kotak Mahindra

"Get perspective from people across industry & understand how it can be relevant in BFSI space."

8. Babita Baruah, Senior Vice President & Head, PO1 Unit @ J Walter Thompson Co. Delhi

"So that I have the opportunity to listen to experiences from my industry colleagues- a session is after all is a conversation."

9. Aveek Datta, Associate Editor @ Forbes, India,

"Some heavyweight digital marketers will offer insights into the ever-evolving and dynamic world of digital marketing and how to keep the consumer hooked. So be there if you're interested in consumer insights."

10. Anuvab Pal, Stand-up Comedian

"Afternoons are, according to a harvard study, the least productive time of the day. So what better than to feel productive by listening to someone else talking like they know something?"

11. Ambarish Gupta, Founder & CEO @ Knowlarity

"India being the biggest marketplace for business specially the enterprise sectors, Click Asia Summit provides a huge opportunity to meet the top professionals from this segment. Hence, looking forward to a great summit."

12. Jaideep Shergill, Founding Partner @ Pitchfork Partners

"Good to finally have a PR PRO talking about a subject which everyone else seems to love to talk about!!"

13. Ashraf Engineer, Principal Consultant @ Pitchfork Partners

"I wear socks like Justin Trudeau's. And there is no way you should miss that!."

14. Ashok Lalla, Digital & Marketing Advisor

"You'll have to come hear me and find out! Hopefully, you'll find more than 1 reason why it was worth being at my session :)"

15. Alokedeep Singh, Head of E-Commerce @ Titan Company Limited, Tata Group

"Part of the reason lies in the answer above. Would you like to miss out engaging/learning from experiences of an Entrepreneur who has built scaled up digital businesses for some of the most loved/known brands in India across industries-Fashion, Retail and Banking?"

16. Sakhee Dheer, Digital Marketing & Analytics Lead @ Microsoft APAC

"Marketing is both an art and a science. The next decade will belong to the data driven marketers and marketing technology experts. Let us come together to make marketing more effective and a closer partner to business."

17. Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO @ Mirum, India

"The format of the program is very interesting, and ensures that both, speakers and delegates get the best value. I would like to share my 8 years of experience in the digital media industry, besides the background since 1998, of being in the digital industry, and engage the audience with good insights and understanding, coming from this rich experience. I am sure the combined content from the speakers will be huge value for the participants."

18. Ashish Limaye, CEO @ Happy Finish APAC

"You will have one less remorse in your life :)

On a serious note, how creativity and technology are driving the communication mix is what I think would be an interesting reason to invest time on my session."

19. Pradeep Chopra, CEO @ Digital Vidya

"Quality of sessions and unparalleled networking opportunities with awesome speakers and participants."

20. Rajeev Sharma, Ex-VP & Head @ Digital JWT

"It's second only to the Ananda's in the Himalayas. : )

True digital immersion. To unlearn, and learn. And to love digital in a whole new way."

21. Charles Assisi, director @ Founding Fuel

"Because I know what I am talking about :-)"

22. Tuhin Menon, Head - Business Development & Talent @ Culture Machine

"The theme of Digital Transformation is timely and relevant, and the mix of attendees promises to bring out the best in practical, real world value in addition to high quality discourse."

And this is not all. With close to sixty speakers, Click Asia Summit 2016 is going to be the one event that will help develop your digital transformation & marketing playbook.

First Published : April 18, 2016

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