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The Lesson- A Pepsi mini series

By Sudipto Adhicary , afaqs! | In Advertising | April 20, 2016
They say honesty is the best policy. And Pepsi's latest mini series- The Lesson- teaches us just that, but with the perfect blend of excitement, thrill, and eventually refreshment.

Pepsi recently launched the smallest carbonated drink in India- the Pepsi Mini. Priced at just Rs 15 and bottled in 150 ml of sheer refreshment and excitement, Pepsi Mini also brings with it a mini-series, highlighting in an entertaining and not-so-conventional way the importance of little things

The film starts with an affluent man, known as Mr. Can, having a fine taste in arts. Mr. Can asks his confidante, a man by the name Cornell, a grave question regarding his demise and the future of his business. Though he gets the most unexpected answer, he remains calm and poised.

He then proceeds to ask 3 men to make a pyramid, with the use of a Pepsi Mini. Two of them follow his orders and the third blatantly disobeys. But here also, in response to this unexpected behavior of the third man, Mr. Can doesn't get angry but instead comes to tears and tells his confidante to never underestimate the power of little irreverent things. The reason why Mr. Can breaks down, remains the climax of the film. Check out the film to find out!

Brilliantly crafted and executed, this mini-series is unconventional in the way it portrays the concept of little valuable things in life and a mini sized can, together. Perfectly mixing a lighthearted tone and a serious backdrop, the mini-series is as refreshing as the new Pepsi Mini, which packs the irresistible taste of Pepsi in a fun sized can.

Pepsi mini is small in size but surely has enough excitement to help you refresh and have an epic experience.

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