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Lipton thanks the traffic cops of Delhi-NCR with a chilled bottle of Lipton Ice Tea

By Sudipto Adhicary , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising
Last updated : May 24, 2016
Lipton Ice Tea thanks all those who are braving the heat just for us with it's new #RefreshSmiles and #100DaysOfSummer campaigns.

Delhi and summers do not go very well together. Summer here is like a wrath of nature. Every year new records are set and there never seems to be any signs of stopping. Just like this year when in April itself the average temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. Each day we are facing the severity of summer and devising new ways to beat the heat and also the lethargy it brings with it. Sadly, there is little to no relief.

But then there are some who are not shaken by this. These few are braving the heat, the temperature, and the burning rays of the sun in a literal manner each and every day just for us. These few people are the traffic cops of Delhi-NCR. They are fulfilling their duties even in the nearly unbearable heat just so that we, the citizens, could safely commute. They are just like us, feeling the heat but as they say, duty comes before self.

Lipton Ice Tea decided to thank them in a special way. Lipton Ice Tea as a brand has always been synonymous with refreshment and being chilled. And continuing it's brand proposition further they came up with a brilliant idea to thank these cops by refreshing them with a chilled bottle of Lipton Ice Tea especially during their working hours.

Sharing the driving force behind their indomitable spirit a few of the cops simply replied that it is their duty and no matter what comes, be it the rains, the storms, the winters, or the summers they will go out and perform their duties.

There are many individuals who are braving the summer just so that we have a hiccup-free day. They are the ones who are making a difference, small or big, in our lives. With Lipton Ice Tea we can refresh them and thank them for keeping our lives safe, secure, and healthy especially when the temperature has no plans for dropping. This summer #RefreshSmiles of all these unsung heroes with Lipton Ice Tea.

First Published : May 24, 2016

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