Zee's Vinta Nanda 'on leave' to make a movie

By , agencyfaqs! | In | August 28, 2002
The veteran writer-director and consultant at Zee is all set to direct a movie

After almost eight months as director, Ideation, Zee Network, veteran writer-director Vinta Nanda has decided to give herself a 'temporary reprieve' from her humdrum corporate existence. She is set to direct a movie titled 'White Noise' which incidentally has also been penned by her.

"I am officially on a six-month leave to make my movie. Hence it would be incorrect to say that I have quit, " claims Nanda who came on board at the turn of the New Year with a clear mandate. "My task was to overhaul the entire programming and also source new talent for Zee. I came in during very troubled times and over the last eight months we've worked very hard to improve the perception of the channel," she says.

Some notable examples of her work at Zee are on air now. Among them are the NDTV-produced Jeena Isi ka Naam Hain, the revived music show, Sa re ga ma pa and, of course, the online lotteries. "Apart from these programmes, there are nine soap operas slated to come on air. In fact, two are currently running on the channel - Love Marriage and Kittie Party and I'm pretty charged about a third one called Lipstick to be launched soon," she claims.

So with the channel's strategy of a varied programming mix finally managing to cut ice with the audience, what prompts her to seek a 'temporary reprieve' at this juncture? "I was a consultant with Zee on a one-year contract. I was hoping to start shooting 'White Noise' by January or February next year. But because the schedule got preponed, I have to begin shooting the film this year itself, which makes it difficult for me to devote any time to Zee."

'White Noise', according to Nanda is a "contemporary, English romantic movie, which is quite autobiographical in nature". "I have been working on the script for the last two years. Pre-production will resume September 1 and shooting will be on for the three months of October, November and December," she adds.

However, with the movie slated for release by March next year, would she consider coming back to Zee thereafter? "Well, if they call me, I may go back," is how she looks at the prospect. "But being a creative person I frankly have no corporate ambitions. I would still prefer doing a six-month project with them."

And how would she describe her eight-month stint at Zee? "It was great. Let me tell you that I felt rejuvenated as a writer. I also experienced the rigour and discipline of corporate life as opposed to the candour and freedom that characterises the creative milieu. What was most intriguing was to break that shell or mould of one kind of programming from one producer so rampant across channels today. We worked with various producers, concentrated on getting new talent with an emphasis on being different. In fact, to me Zee stands for change. We have always been trendsetters and we want to remain like this." © 2002 agencyfaqs!

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