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Waste nothing and use everything with airtel's myPlan

By Sudipto Adhicary , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising
Last updated : June 16, 2016 02:35 PM
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Airtel gifts customers the perfect postpaid plan through its flexible and customized myPlan.

We all want our things to be perfect. To be just the way we want. Be it the dish being served or the mobile we're about to buy- everything has to be just as we want. And in today's socially connected world having a perfect postpaid plan which enables us to connect with everyone we love, at the most optimal price, is nothing short of a gift. And airtel has just given all its users the perfect gift.

Airtel recently introduced the myPlan- a postpaid plan that allows you to add data, calls, SMS, and roaming as per your wish, with just the quantity you need. The concept behind this plan is to give the users the freedom to choose what they need and remove whatever is not necessary for them. And hence, pay for only those services that they want to use. In other words, choose whatever you want and Waste Nothing.

While traditional postpaid plans have a set of pre-defined services, which may or may not be fully used by the user, airtel myPlan has only those services that the user has carefully selected. On top of this, the user also has the option to change their myPlan as and when needed. So the next time a user wants to trade his extra local minutes with some extra data packs he can easily do so and enjoy a seamless experience. Also, users can share these extra benefits with their family members by simply getting a new member connection.

Having a mobile plan that caters to all your needs was difficult up until now. myPlan stresses the concept of getting the maximum benefit out of one's mobile plan and make the most of their monthly spends.

Undoubtedly myPlan is a very welcome change from the rigid traditional postpaid plans a user is offered. With myPlan, the user has true control over his monthly expenditures, has the flexibility to change his mobile plans as desired, can share the benefits with others, and most importantly waste nothing.

First Published : June 16, 2016 02:35 PM

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