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Maggi's first-of-its-kind product launch brings a miniature fire truck and makes the comedians shed a tear

By Sudipto Adhicary , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing
Last updated : August 22, 2016
Maggi makes a spicy point with its new range of noodles.

Maggi makes a spicy point with its new range of noodles! 5 comedians, 1 celebrity VJ, a miniature fire truck, 4 packets of instant noodles, and a video that ends up making the comedians sweat profusely with teary red eyes.

The latest digital campaign from Nestle Maggi starts with these comedians receiving a miniature model of a fire truck with some interesting elements inside. Usual to their nature they start making jokes about it. Little do they realize its for their own good. But then, they are comedians and they take it all lightly. Very lightly, indeed.

Also kept inside the truck are 4 packets of the new spicy Maggi HOTHEADS. 4 flavors - Peri Peri ,Barbeque Pepper, Chilli Chicken & Green Chilli Noodles! As usual, no one just looks at a Maggi packet. So, they went ahead to taste test it

Peri Peri started the spice carnival And everyone just loved it. Barbeque Pepper raised the spice bar and that's when the comedians realized why the fire truck had all those items! Nikhil admitted that it did have a kick of its own and Azeem and Daniel started fighting for the water bottle. The third spicy treat was the Chilli Chicken which in Zakir's words was 'the next level.' By this time the wristbands and the water bottles were the constant companions for these guys and the hotness level was touching the roof.

Finally, the spiciest of them all, the Green Chilli noodles entered the arena and the waterworks had truly started. To best describe the effect of Maggi HOTHEADS on these people would be teary red eyes and sweaty foreheads!

Nestle's latest offerings are not the usual noodles. And hence their launch is also not a usual one. After looking at this digital campaign, it's nearly impossible to not try these new flavors! As the line by Maggi goes - They are out of the head HOT!

First Published : August 22, 2016

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