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Last updated : September 16, 2016
The brand's new #BestAtWork film is a montage of scenes and situations plucked from the life of the working Indian woman.

Mia, a sub-brand from the stables of the jewellery brand Tanishq, recently released its digital campaign with the film #BestAtWork. The campaign has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas and produced by Remarquer Films, a Mumbai-based production house.

The digital film captures instances from workplaces and homes of six different women across different professions who face similar situations every day. The film depicts various instances of women who are confronted with all kinds of negative situations, small talk, and gossip wherever they go, but remain unaffected. They are here for one thing and one thing alone -- to bring their best to work. The film showcases driven, ambitious, strong women who bring out their best not just at work, but in the way they dress to work as well.

In the recent past, several brands such as Myntra Anouk and Titan Raga have made similar digital films on the topic of women empowerment.

Arun Iyer

We asked Arun Iyer, chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas, if women empowerment as a topic is overdone while making digital or TV ads.

"The Myntra Anouk and the Titan Raga ads were more about 'change your thought', but we are not saying that. We are saying women have changed. The core thought is different. We are not asking society to change its thoughts," says Iyer.

He adds, "This is from the point of view of how women are so focussed and are so clear about the fact that they are only concerned about bringing out their best at work and are not bothered about what anybody else has to say or think."

According to Iyer, the film is not about what to say or think about women. "We are just saying this is how women think today. There lies the big difference. We can't keep telling society, "hey change the way you treat women", and stuff like that because women have moved ahead. They have moved in their heads, moved in their attitude and moved in everything and that's the fundamental difference," he says, adding, "We did think about the fact that women empowerment is an over-used topic today. But, we adopted a different approach to it. At the end of the day, it is how you present it, what is the point you are making, and the context in which you are marketing is where the game is, and if you play it well."

We asked our experts if the theme of women empowerment is an over-used topic in digital films and will the new Mia film stand out. This is what they had to say.

Siddhi Desai, associate creative director, DigitasLBi, a digital agency from the house of Publicis.Sapient, says, "Women empowerment is a conversation this country has been trying to have for a very long time. It's great to see brands finally leading it. The cultural and socio-economic differences in our country present several unseen roadblocks in the process to empower women. The first big one is changing a perspective we as a society have always had, and for this, brands should approach consumers at a personal level, and show them how on a daily basis we unknowingly give into so many biases. This will help a brand win brownie points."

She adds, "In a sea of campaigns on the topic, the ones making a big difference are ads such as Share the load and Will of Steel."

Siddhi Desai

Navin Kansal

According to Desai, when it comes to women empowerment, the urban woman is never the first thing on people's mind. "What I loved most about the ad was that it spoke from the perspective of women. While the world looks at them as pitiful damsels who need to be rescued from the weight of the world's expectations, they have already stepped out, empowered themselves and spearheaded the change the country is still only talking about," she says.

Desai says some scenes really made her want to cheer, like the one with the mother and the designer girl. "They were almost like the closing statement of a very long debate. I enjoyed the ad and hope it works more like a road map for other ads in the future. Women empowerment has so many aspects to be covered and this is just one of them. There will be many more. This is a trend that's here to become a norm," she says.

Navin Kansal, national creative director, Indigo Consulting, a digital agency that belongs to Leo Burnett, says, "A brand needs to be true to its core. As the adage goes - how you say it is sometimes more important than what you say. While women's empowerment and the familiar tropes that go with the territory seem to be a tad overdone of late, Mia hits the right notes -- bringing your best to work as a testament to work wear jewellery. It's well-written and well-executed and has definitely struck a chord."

First Published : September 16, 2016
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