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In a first ever, SKODA brings to life its Design Philosophy through the innovative Tilt Brush Technology

By News Bureau, Marketing Interactive , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Marketing | January 10, 2017
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SKODA has taken their 'Design That Moves' campaign to unprecedented heights by making use of the innovative Tilt Brush Technology. SKODA India, in partnership with Bushfire, is the first brand to use this tech.

SKODA recently launched their new car Rapid in India. The highlight of the latest SKODA Rapid lies in its design which is inspired by the crystalline design and shapes. Earlier, under the 'Design Project' of #DesignThatMoves, SKODA roped in renowned artists from various genres like visual art, metal art, Fiber art and 3D art to create their interpretation of SKODA Rapid crystalline design through their art work. The campaign so far has received rave reviews and acclaim across the industry.

In a bid to come up with something innovative and 'disruptive', SKODA collaborated with Bushfire, a specialist digital agency. Bushfire came up with an idea to express the design of the new SKODA Rapid in a way no other brand in India ever tried or thought of.


Satish Ramchandran, Sr. Vice President, Bushfire, said, "In SKODA, we saw a brand that was willing to do something exciting and unprecedented. At the same time, it was a wonderful opportunity for us to marry design with technology and come up with an output which is high on innovation and delight to the eyes. SKODA India is a great client to work with, as they gave us the much needed creative liberty to go all out for the execution of the Google Tilt Brush idea."

Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing at SKODA India, said, "we knew we had a gem the minute we heard Bushfire propose the Google Tilt Brush idea. It was the perfect brand fit for us and brought out our own design innovation story beautifully. What better way to talk about innovation than to innovate in our communication? Being the first in India to use the Google Tilt Brush tech to further our design story just made it even more special."

Bushfire roped in renowned visual artist Eric Jason D'Souza to create his expression of the new SKODA Rapid through his art form using Tilt Brush technology.

Watch the new SKODA Rapid Tilt Brush video, conceptualized by Bushfire here.

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