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OMG!!.. OMG!!.. #OMGTR! Nissan GT-R creates world-record by drawing largest ever country map

By Rumani Arora , afaqs! | In Marketing
Last updated : February 23, 2017
Nissan GT-R to enter the Limca Book of Records with 'Map of India' campaign, a #LegendarySalute to the nation by creating the world's largest outline of India.

Nissan GT-R, the iconic sports car, marked its entry in India with a grand launch event in December last year. Being one of the most anticipated sports cars, the beast enjoyed an overwhelming response in the country as the people were waiting with bated breath for the GT-R to arrive.

Now, after a month of its launch, the excitement around the sports monster has still not settled down. The Japanese automobile manufacturer has hogged the limelight yet again for its distinctive campaign - "Nissan GT-R Map of India". Through this campaign, the car brand intended to give #LegendarySalute to India by a Legend, Nissan GT-R, on the Republic Day. And to accomplish this, the car brand came up with a rather unconventional idea.

On the 68th Republic Day of the country, Nissan created the largest outline of the map of India - saluting the land where legends are born and bred. It recreated the approximate outline of Indian map spanning 3km in length and 2.8km in width with a total outline periphery of 14.7km- at Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan.

To ensure accuracy, Nissan created the map by plotting the coordinates on a GPS device and conducted multiple laps to resemble the original map. With this act of precision, the Nissan is set to make an entry into the Limca Book of Records for the world's largest-ever outline of a country map.

Professional rally driver Rahul Kanthraj was the man behind the wheels who had steered the sports beast into this record-breaking attempt, in the presence of officials from the Limca Book of Records. The amazing results were captured in the form of a digital video in which the legendary precision salutes India.

Speaking about the campaign, Sanjay Gupta, VP Marketing, Nissan, said "The idea was to demonstrate the legendary precision of GT-R in India in a disruptive and unique manner. Map of India provided the right opportunity and after a successful launch of 2017 GT-R we are here attempting this record. The act & content has helped place Nissan India on a global pedestal".

The campaign seamlessly highlighted the capabilities of GT-R, as major turns and sharp bends on the periphery of the Sambhar Lake had put the vehicle's driving performance to test. However, GT-R, which is often viewed as a supercar slayer, took on the challenge with ease and its amazing maneuverability made the task possible.

Besides this record-breaking feat, this endeavor from Nissan instantly gained popularity and witnessed good engagement on social platforms with people liking and sharing the brand's video. On Twitter, the video post went on to become the most engaging tweet as per the brand equity.

The campaign, which was a legendary celebration for the country of billions, struck the right chord with the people and ignited their love for the country. Further, Nissan ensured to tap this opportunity to the fullest by aggressively promoting the campaign across all digital platforms.

The campaign kick started with two teasers which were strategically rolled out right before the occasion of Republic Day. Then on D-Day, the brand page released a video of the GT-R creating the world's largest outline of a country map. These enthralling videos managed to captivate the audiences and have garnered over six million views till date, as per the figures released by Nissan.

The campaign went viral through the crowd speaking platform, Thunderclap, where numerous Indians came to support this #LegendarySalute to the nation. Through this platform, the campaign gained a social reach of 9,70,244 people, which is quite noteworthy in itself. The video clocked views of 6.3 million.

Overall, the 'GT-R Map of India' campaign generated quite a buzz and was successful in creating impressions across all social media platforms. Through this campaign Nissan was able to connect with the Indian audiences as part of their halo strategy, highlighted GT-R's precision capabilities and substantiating its legendary status further. It was indeed an #OMGTR moment.

First Published : February 23, 2017

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