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Get Ready with Canon EOS 1300D

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Marketing | May 16, 2017
Canon's high-decibel campaign for the EOS 1300D is not about selling. It is about allowing customers to immerse themselves in the magical world of photography and capture priceless moments.

The cornerstone of the Canon's 'Get Ready with EOS 1300D' campaign is capturing the simple moments of life to cherish them forever. And for that the smartphone is not the best option. Looking for a technology-meets-quality-meets-simplicity option to invest in a first-time DSLR camera? If you have seen Canon's smart multimedia campaign for the EOS 1300D, you need to look no further. The campaign urges photography enthusiasts to take a step ahead, from a smartphone camera to their very first DSLR.

The strategy behind this campaign is nothing short of brilliant with its 'seize-beautiful-moments-and-share-them' focus that not only tugs at the heart strings but also highlights the benefits user can get when they opt for this DSLR. The message is simple: graduate to a Canon EOS 1300D and discover the boundless possibilities of beautiful and smart photography compared to a smartphone.

Canon EOS

Using print, digital and TV, the campaign portrays the beauty of golden moments like clicking scenes from one's wedding. The digital ambit focused on showcasing the sharpness and clarity offered by the EOS 1300D compared to a smartphone. The satisfaction of capturing the moment has been beautifully encapsulated in the television commercial for the same. The high decibel campaign was fashioned to appeal to customers ranging from first time buyers to adventure seekers to those simply passionate about photography.

To give users the EOS 1300D experience, Canon created a platform where with a single swipe, the user shuffles between a smartphone picture and an EOS 1300D picture taken simultaneously. This helped highlight the sharp contrast between the two images.

Online banners sweeping across portals encapsulated the passion for photography. Frames from Indian weddings, birthdays, and travel stories were well played in the campaign, by placing them in direct comparison to pictures taken on a smartphone.

Leaving very little to chance, the campaign had another arrow to its bow. A fascinating contest called 'Recreate with EOS 1300D' generated tremendous response. An engaging and fun game, Recreate allowed users to solve a jigsaw puzzle of the DSLR image by taking reference from the Smartphone image. On solving the jigsaw puzzle and entering a slogan on why they're ready for a EOS 1300D, participants stood the chance to win the EOS 1300D. A total of 28,260 unique users generated 53,900 game plays (the brand's planned target for the game plays was 12,000).

To help first time users, Canon has gone ahead and created a virtual experience through its Virtual DSLR app. This online experience enables users to test and understand features like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, focus, and framing. This immersive and educative experience had users hooked as they kept taking pictures to better themselves with the useful tips that came along with each photo taken.

What makes a campaign memorable is the level of its interactivity with the targeted audience. In the EOS 1300D's case, the three-pronged approach not only makes it memorable but it hits home as well.

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