Star moves on from 'Mauka Mauka' to 'Sabse Bada Moh'

By Suraj Ramnath , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Media Publishing
Last updated : May 24, 2017
Will this new campaign for ICC Champions Trophy measure up to the impact made by the previous one?

Remember Star India's 'Mauka Mauka' campaign that went viral for promoting India vs Pakistan match and the entire series of the ICC World Cup 2015? Well, the broadcaster has moved away from that particular theme for ICC Champions Trophy which is also known as the mini World Cup featuring the top eight teams in the rankings.

Star India, to promote the India vs Pakistan's match that will be held on Sunday, June 4, 2017, has come up with a new TVC #SabseBadaMoh under the #ChampionsKaWorldCup campaign. The campaign has been conceptualised by the Star Sports creative communications team and produced by Red Ice Films.

Set in Ladakh, the film opens with a monk reading a story in a newspaper about a young businessman giving up his worldly possessions. Soon after, he sees the same man, dressed in a suit, stepping off a helicopter and walking towards the monastery. The film cuts to the man in various facets of his life, parting with his treasured belongings. Even after achieving all the success in the world, something is amiss in his life and he embarks on a quest to attain moksh. At the monastery, the man is on the verge of embracing the life of a monk, starting with shaving-off his head, when a gust of wind flips a newspaper with the headline - India vs Pakistan clash at the ICC Champions Trophy on June 4. Next we see that, the man races out of the monastery, to catch the most-awaited match of the year between the arch rivals.

Talking about the campaign, a Star India spokesperson says in a press release, "ICC Champions Trophy is the biggest cricket tournament of the year and, with an India-Pakistan match, every cricket fan will tune-in no matter which side they cheer for. The passion, pride and enthusiasm that an India-Pakistan match draws from fans is unmatched around the world. '#SabseBadaMoh' underlines this sentiment and carries the #ChampionsKaWorldCup campaign forward."

We asked our experts if this ad could go as viral as 'Mauka Mauka' did and whether it was a good decision to move away from that theme.

Hozefa Alibhai

Pooja Gosain

Hozefa Alibhai, co-founder, Puppet Pictures (an ad film production company), says, Moving away from Mauka Mauka was a good idea as Mauka had lived it's shelf life and repeating it wouldn't have had the kind of impact it did the first time around. This campaign doesn't give the punch that Mauka Mauka did to the earlier campaign. I don't personally think this will go as viral as the Mauka Mauka did.

He adds, "The idea of the film is good. I would have appreciated better casting. The cast could have taken this film way ahead. The music is also not as catchy as Mauka Mauka which was the backbone of the earlier campaign and films."

Pooja Gosain, senior creative director, design, DigitasLBi India, says, "Not sure if the current political atmosphere between the two countries is what prompted a move away from the previous theme, or because it ran its course. Mauka Mauka had a big impact on me and pretty much took over the entire country. Can Sabse Bada Moh do that? Overall as a thought it is strong, however its further success will depend on other digital extensions that the campaign might include."

She adds, "While the ad is well executed, has strong cinematography and a great music score along with a twist in the end - Sabse Bada Moh as an approach talks primarily to the fans who are interested in an India vs Pakistan match. Whereas Mauka Mauka started as an India Pakistan led thought (Pakistan has never won against India in an ICC tournament) and it grew to become an all-encompassing cricket idea that explored multiple facets of the sport. It celebrated the game and its fans and validated their obsession with the sport itself."

According to Gosain, 'Josh, Jazbaa and Junoon' are the thoughts that come to her mind when she thinks of growing up as a cricket fan in India. "However, as of now... Mauka Mauka se mera moh nahin chutega!" she adds.

Creative Agency: Star Sports Creative Communications Team
Production House: Red Ice Films
Film Director: Shimit Amin
Music Director: Hanif Shaikh

First Published : May 24, 2017
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