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Still have questions about using carton milk? Tetra Pak's new digital film has all the answers

By News Bureau, Marketing Interactive , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising
Last updated : June 28, 2017
Tetra Pak creates awareness about how milk in its cartons is the safest choice, by taking the viewers on a virtual tour of its factory.

Every mom is a supermom! There's no one else who can take better care of our health. But, what we do not realize is the level of distress mothers have to go through to choose the safest milk for their children. As milk forms a crucial part of a balanced diet, it is a daily necessity for every household. But in the current times, when almost every daily utility item is assumed to have its share of preservatives, safe milk can be a difficult find. Since family well-being is of great importance for every household, it becomes crucial for the milk brands to choose the best quality milk and the safest packaging option to build trust among consumers.

Some Indians are apprehensive of using milk in cartons due to low awareness of UHT milk. Also, as the milk in cartons comes with longer shelf-life, it is easy for the regular consumer to assume the use of preservatives for the prolonged shelf-life advantage, creating another barrier for its adoption.

Tetra Pak, a multinational food processing and packaging solutions company, tried to address these concerns and quash all the myths by launching a digital film educating consumers about the science and technology which goes behind processing a single carton of Tetra Pak UHT milk. Taking the viewers on a virtual tour of a UHT milk factory, the video explains how milk in Tetra Pak cartons goes through a UHT (Ultra High Temperature Treatment) process, is protected with 6-layer packaging and needs no preservatives to be added to it.

The film shows a little girl who goes 'live' to tell the viewers how her mother is always highly sure of the safety of anything the family consumes, which requires a tedious process of checking and rechecking. However, in the case of milk in cartons, she just needs to check for the Tetra Pak logo to know that it is the right choice for her family.

Marketed with the tagline - SAFE FOR SURE - the campaign has been conceptualized and created by Dentsu Webchutney. Through the campaign, the company has tried to create awareness about UHT milk as the safest choice as well as establish Tetra Pak logo as a symbol of food safety.

Commenting on the digital film, Saumya Tyagi, Director Marketing- India & South Asia Markets at Tetra Pak says, "Through this film, we wish to educate consumers about the safety and benefits of carton milk. We want to showcase to the consumers, especially mothers, the process that goes behind carton milk production and bust myths such as the need for preservatives. The Tetra Pak logo on a carton should be viewed as a mark of trust, and as a sign that it is Safe For Sure."

Seconding his opinion, Moosa Khan, Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney says, "Addressing the perceptual barrier against carton milk, we have leveraged Tetra Pak's technological prowess to communicate that carton milk is safe for consumption and contains no preservatives. Since mothers are the custodians of the family's health, they always try to be doubly sure about everything that impacts the health and well-being of the family. And this is the insight that has driven the Safe For Sure campaign."

The film also highlights that the micro-organisms present in the milk are eliminated through the UHT procedure and there is no need to add preservatives to the milk, thus busting the greatest myth against it.

With a total of 77.5 Mn impressions on social media, the campaign video has garnered 12.9 Mn views with an engagement of 776 K. From the numbers, it is quite evident that the video has been able to reach the masses. Till now, the brand website has been viewed 173 K times.

Owing to Tetra Pak's unconventional idea of going transparent about the processing of carton milk, it can be safely concluded that the brand's attempt to create awareness about UHT milk being the safest will be able to bring about a change in the perception around carton milk. Brilliantly touching the emotional angle of family well-being, the campaign is expected to establish more trust in milk in Tetra Pak cartons.

First Published : June 28, 2017

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