Top advertised categories vary among DD's regional stations

By , agencyfaqs! | In | February 10, 2003
A TAM TV ADEX report that scanned Doordarshan's regional channels to analyze the top product categories advertised in each region has some interesting findings

The latest report from TAM TV ADEX scans Doordarshan's regional channels to analyze the top product categories advertised in each region of the country. And the findings are quite interesting. For the period December 2002 to January 2003, while FMCGs dominated the west and the south, categories such as retail, contraceptives and pesticides were hugely advertised in the eastern and northern stations. For instance, while FMCGs lead a bulk of the TV spends in DD-Mumbai, spends on pesticides dominated DD-Jalandhar. DD-Patna and DD-Oriya saw a lot of retail-led spends, and advertising in DD-Ahmedabad was dominated by saree and insurance brands.

Talking about the findings, Atul Phadnis, director, S-Group, TAM Media Research, says, "If one looks at the internal economies across the length and breadth of the country, we can see stark differences emerging. Leading product categories, markets and consumers are completely different from Maharashtra to Bihar, from Kerala to Punjab."

On DD-Mumbai, FMCGs lead the pack, with toilet soaps at the top followed by tea, hair oils, baby massage oil/lotions/creams and mosquito repellants, in that order. DD-Madhya Pradesh shows a similar trend with hair oils, shampoos, rubs and balms, cold creams and detergent cakes in the top five. However, the third station in the western region, DD-Ahmedabad, has sarees, insurance and entertainment zones in the top three, followed by tea and washing powders.

In the eastern market, FMCGs lead again in DD-Calcutta. However, a fresh set of FMCG categories emerge, including antiseptic creams/liquids (the leading category) and milk beverages. Others in the top five are toilet soaps, mosquito repellants and shampoos. The highest-spends category in DD-Patna is also antiseptic creams/liquids. This is followed by hair oils, Chyavanprash, biscuits and display retail shops. DD-Oriya's top three categories are biscuits, contraceptives and medicated skin treatment, followed by washing powders/liquids and display retail shops.

South India is similar to Mumbai and Ahmedabad, as FMCGs occupy all five slots on DD-Bangalore and DD-Chennai. Toothpastes make an entrance into the top five categories in south India. Finally, in the north, pesticides and hospitals/clinics occupy two of the top five slots on DD-Jalandhar. The other three categories are biscuits, toothpastes and shampoos. © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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