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By , agencyfaqs! | In | May 20, 2003
Lall Entertainment has opened an office in New Delhi and will open doors to Montreal and Los Angeles this summer and have representatives in Paris and London

When Bhuvan Lall, ex-executive director, Indian Broadcasting Federation (IBF), was asked about his plans by agencyfaqs! only a few days ago, he had said, "That information is reserved for Cannes". Yesterday at a press meet at Cannes, Lall announced the launch of his start up Lall Entertainment. The company comprises three divisions - animation, broadcasting and cinema. Lall Entertainment will primarily be engaged in the development, production and distribution of animation, motion pictures and television programming.

Talking about his new venture, Lall, president and CEO, Lall Entertainment, says "With the rekindling of global interest in Indian culture, the Indian entertainment industry has launched itself into international markets. The impact of Indian animation, broadcasting and cinema is now visible worldwide. The goal of Lall Entertainment is to translate the creativity and experiences of Indians into the production of visually stunning, aesthetically rich and commercially successful animation, cinematic and television works. In the long term, the company aspires to become a full-fledged one-stop creative powerhouse for displaying Indian talent in the international arena."

Lall Entertainment has opened an office in New Delhi and will open doors to Montreal and Los Angeles this summer and have representatives in Paris and London. Lall Animation will serve the growing Indian animation industry in international business development, overseas co-production, training, education, talent recruitment and marketing for special visual effects in Hollywood films. In fact, Lall is also the founder of the one-year old Animation Producers Association of India.

While animation is one part of the plan, the broadcasting division will launch a distinctive new subscription television service aimed at the Indian community in the United States. Says Lall, "The new channel will provide high quality, intelligent, stimulating and provocative programming for the rapidly growing audiences of South Asian origin in USA and also American audiences with an interest in Indian culture and heritage." Application of the latest technology of communication, satellite TV and broadband will be the foundations for the new system of distribution adopted by Lall Broadcasting.

Also in the pipeline are three feature films. Lall Cinema has announced three international feature film projects for co-production at Cannes 2003. The pre-production work for the three films has begun and the first feature film, which is supposed to be an 'Indian jungle drama', is to be directed by internationally acclaimed award winning filmmaker and wild life expert Mike Pandey. © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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