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Chitralekha launches travel quarterly

By , agencyfaqs! | In | November 19, 2003
After two issues of Watch World, the Chitralekha group has launched Chitralekha Travel with plans to come out with an issue every quarter

The Mumbai-based Chitralekha group, which publishes the popular general interest magazine of the same name in Gujarati and Marathi, plans to club its special issues, three of which have been launched so far including two issues of Watch World and a latest one on travel and tourism titled Chitralekha Travel, under the umbrella of Chitralekha Lifestyle.

The rationale, explains, editor and publisher of Chitralekha, Bharat Kapadia, is to cater to the "apex of the pyramid" as far as the Gujarati community goes. "Affluent Gujaratis are frequent travelers, consume premium products and services and have business interests in important areas such as the stock market, bullion market, diamond trade, chemicals, iron and steel, apart from controlling key retail outlets in the city of Mumbai. There was a vacuum in the marketplace in terms of fulfilling their needs and we saw an opportunity to tap this segment," he says.

Every quarter, the group will launch a special issue depending on the needs of the marketplace. Subjects will vary and will attempt to look at the interest of the segment at that point in time. "For example," says Kapadia, "Matrimony is significant to Gujaratis and there is a big market that revolves around this auspicious event. One of our issues will explore this subject apart from home décor, which will be covered in a separate issue."

Cover price of the special issues has been maintained at Rs 50 with an initial print run of 75,000 copies. Production quality is on par with international standards in keeping with the premiumness of the segment. "Chitralekha Travel," says Kapadia, "has received an overwhelming response due to which it will go into reprint with an additional 10,000 copies for circulation."

The distribution strategy essentially comprises on-stand sales as well as placement of copies and dispensers at select retail outlets depending on the issue. "We have also used TV and outdoor to promote the issues," says Kapadia.

For Watch World, which was the first of the special issues focusing on luxury watches, branded jewellery and accessories, copies were also placed in five star hotels and in the J class of airline carriers to facilitate a connect with the target audience.

"Chitralekha Lifestyle is a line extension for us," says Kapadia. "The regular magazine has a mass appeal; which means that very premium advertisers cannot consider it. With Chitralekha Lifestyle such advertisers will get a platform," he adds. © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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