Ogilvy rides off with Bajaj Auto's K-60 bike account

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Last updated : May 20, 2004
Two-wheeler giant Bajaj Auto has awarded the advertising business of its soon-to-be-launched 125-cc motorcycle - code named K-60 - to O&M India

Two-wheeler giant Bajaj Auto has awarded the advertising business of its ultra-secret, soon-to-be-launched 125-cc motorcycle - code named K-60 - to O&M India. The development comes in the wake of a strategy-cum-creative pitch held in April, which involved Bajaj Auto's lead club agencies. Nishi Suri, executive director & head of Mumbai office, O&M India, confirmed the news of the win, saying, "Yes, we've been appointed to handle the account, and it's a very big project for Bajaj, but I can't tell you much about the product at this stage."

The air of secrecy surrounding the new bike is not hard to fathom. The K-60, which, as per media reports, is scheduled for launch sometime in June, is being seen as one of Bajaj Auto's most critical and most ambitious projects in recent times. The motorcycle, according to industry watchers, is Bajaj Auto's gambit to reclaim the status of being India's largest two-wheeler manufacturer, a position it surrendered to Hero Honda back in 2001. And considering the K-60 is being readied to play the part of being the 'largest-selling Indian two-wheeler over the next decade', it's fairly obvious the bike will be pitched in the competitive mid-segment (which contributes to roughly 50 per cent of volume sales and profits) of the Rs 9,300-crore motorcycle market, where it will take on the likes of Hero Honda's bestseller Splendor and Passion, and TVS Motor Company's star performer, Victor.

Speaking about the pitch, Suri reveals that the club agencies were given a common brief and asked to come back with their recommendations. "I think it was a very systematic presentation, and the best thing was that the decision was taken very fast, within a month of the briefing," she says. "I think this was because Bajaj is very confident and clear about the product, so they were able to take a call on the creative direction much faster." While she does not reveal the estimated size of the account, she says, "It's big no doubts about that."

Even though Suri is not in a position to share too many details, she admits that with a lot of hopes riding on the K-60, Bajaj's expectations from O&M are high. "At the very least, we will definitely be able to do a Pulsar on this one," she says, alluding to runaway hit Bajaj Pulsar (which is also handled by O&M). "Though, from a creative standpoint, I think this one will be bigger and superior to the Pulsar. What I can say with certainty is that the success of the K-60 will equal that of the Pulsar in terms of advertising and market performance."

Suri reveals that the advertising for the K-60 will break in tandem with the launch of the bike. "If all goes well and the creative idea and its execution turn out as envisaged, we'll have a campaign that will knock the socks off people," she promises, leaving us on a tantalizing note. "And touchwood, I think it will be one of the really big campaigns for O&M in 2004." Now that is something to really look forward to © 2004 agencyfaqs!

First Published : May 20, 2004

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