Bacardi targets the young executive with Reserva

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Last updated : October 19, 2000
Bacardi, one of the world's leading producers of international spirit brands, launched its premium dark rum Bacardi Reserva in Delhi last week

Prachi Joshi Johar
NEW DELHI, October 19

Bacardi, one of the world's leading producers of international spirit brands, launched its premium dark rum Bacardi Reserva in Delhi last week. With Reserva, Bacardi aims to create a hierarchy in the rum segment of the liquor market, where Reserva would be positioned at the top rung of the ladder.

Bacardi Reserva was introduced in October last year in Maharashtra. The Delhi launch is aimed at expanding the market for Bacardi Reserva. The total size of the liquor market comprises 67 million cases, of which around 41 per cent is the lower end unbranded segment. The rum market consists of seven million cases and Bacardi enjoys a 15 per cent of the market share in this segment.

The Reserva brand is currently marketed in 29 cities across the country including Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Goa, Pune and Chandigarh. Talking about the time of the launch, Mahesh Madhavan, general manager, Bacardi India, said, "This year we are extending Reserva to all markets in which Carta Blanca (a white rum from Bacardi) is present. As Delhi was one of the last markets in which we launched Carta Blanca, it also happens to be one of the last markets to be opened for Reserva."

Targeted at the premium segment, Reserva is priced at Rs 325 for a 750-ml bottle. Relating the target audience to the brand, Madhavan said, "With Bacardi Reserva, we are providing consumers an opportunity to return to the fold of rum, while retaining the premium and international blend intact, so that the consumer does not have to drink rum in a closet or feel apologetic about it."

Says a Delhi-based advertising executive, "Rum, as a category, is perceived as a drink for the strong man, the brave guy, or maybe the army types. With Reserva, Bacardi has deliberately tried to dissociate the rum from the imagery of bravery and vigour. The advertising, even the icons and colours used in the packaging is suggestive of life and youthfulness, which is the core idea in any Bacardi advertising. The Reserva therefore is a drink for the regular fun-loving, youthful guy who has a taste for the premium product."

Bacardi has been one of the most consistent advertisers among the premium liquor brands. Owing to the restriction on liquor advertising in the print and electronic media, Bacardi is planning to go in for advertising on the Net in a big way. While the company already has a microsite on, alliances with, and are also in the offing.

Since its core target consumer is the 30-plus corporate executive, Reserva will also be promoted through 'weekend trails'. These are weekend holiday packages organized by the company. In addition to this, Salsa nights and restaurant packages, together with the earlier formulae - Bacardi blast, Bacardi Summer Splash etc will also be used to promote the brand.

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First Published : October 19, 2000

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