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STAR India, through its wireless service 7827, is combining mobile games and promotions of TV serials in an unique manner

Providing astrology, cricket updates, music downloads, Bollywood updates, or even general news have become commonplace among mobile wireless services operators.

STAR India, through its wireless service 7827, is now aspiring to break this clutter and take these services at an altogether different level. It is, in fact, combining mobile games and promotions of TV serials in an unique manner.

To promote its late prime time show 'Kahin to Hoga' on STAR Plus, STAR India has launched a wireless reverse auction. Ajay Vidyasagar, senior vice-president marketing and communication, claims, "This is Asia's first wireless reverse auction." As part of the promotional activity, STAR is auctioning a diamond necklace worth Rs 20 lakh. The uniqueness about the necklace is that it is the same ornament which will be gifted by Sujal - the male lead of the serial 'Kahin to Hoga' - to Kashish, the heroine of the serial.

The uniqueness of this auction is that it won't be the highest or lowest bidder who will get the prize but it will be the unique lowest bidder who will get the diamond necklace worth Rs 20 lakh. For instance, if two people have bid for Rs 2 and three bid people have bid for Rs 1.05, and one person bid for Rs 1.50, then the unique bidder is the one with the amount of Rs. 1.50, since that is lowest and the unique bid.

Likewise, to promote its recently launched show 'Karma', STAR has launched an wireless game where the user takes the role of 'Karma' - the title character and beats Markesh, the villain of the show, through a question-and-answer round. The question revolves around the different incidents of Karma's story.

Vidyasagar says, "These kinds of wireless campaigns build an attachment between the show and the viewers."

Reality show 'The Apprentice' launched on STAR World has similar wireless promotions. In this wireless contest, the participant plays the role of a business man and through a question-and-answer round, his business acumen is tested through a volley of questions built around business facts.

STAR's 7827 service is also being used to promote participation for some its shows such as Channel[V]'s Super Singer, STAR Plus' Khul Ja Sim Sim and STAR World's India Child Genius.

Vidyasagar says, "Very soon, we will be launching some unique innovative wireless campaigns for our forthcoming shows K Street Pali Hill and Cofee with Karan as well".

The K Street Pali Hill wireless campaign is quite interesting. The user needs to SMS some information about his/her past to 7827 and the application will predict his/her future. Vidyasagar says, "The story of K Street Pali Hill moves back and forth between the past and present life of three friends. We have conceptualised the campaign accordingly."

STAR is also open to the idea of running wireless campaigns for its advertisers, he adds. And, this means some additional revenue for STAR India.

Launching the wireless service was a strategic move for STAR India. It's actually yielding profits from both sides. While the wireless service is being used to promote on-air programmes, the wireless revenue (through mobile games, content and song downloads) means some extra revenues for the television bouquet.

Vidyasagar says, "We are targeting the 30 million mobile population of the country, who have a colour television and cable connection."

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