Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills appoints Maitri for creative services

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Last updated : September 28, 2004
The company is launching its new acid free copier paper

Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills is launching its new acid free copier paper - New Andhra Millennium Copier, and has awarded the creative and media functionsto Maitri Advertising Works.

The acid free paper is a kind of paper which has had the acid removed from the pulp so that it has a neutral 7.0 pH.

In fact, the advertising campaign on New Andhra Millennium Copier has already broken . To begin with, the campaign will appear in select leading dailies followed by a burst in magazines.

The new acid free copier paper has several advantages to its credit. Sharing some of the advantages of acid free paper, Sajan Abraham, managing director, Maitri, explains, "As a result of the absence of acid content, the paper is not rendered brittle. It also ensures that the copies of all precious documents last a lifetime or more without fading. That is a big worry and concern of many - particularly lawyers, chartered accountants, archival organizations and the like."

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First Published : September 28, 2004
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