This kiwi is flying high

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, August 28, 2017
Air New Zealand uses Pete the Kiwi to bust some myths about travelling to that country.

Air New Zealand has come up with some unforgettable campaigns in the past. The advertising range from an Hobbit-themed safety video to "Cockpit Karaoke" with James Cordon and an Australian campaign starring Pete's predecessor, Dave the Goose, voiced by actor Bryan Brown.

In this latest campaign Pete's voice over comes from actor Sam Neill. This is the beginning of a three-year campaign with Pete starring as New Zealand's 'spokesbird'. Agency True Limited introduces Pete via CGI in Air New Zealand's first global brand campaign.

Shot by Plaza Films, the ad follows Pete as he hops aboard the flight in Los Angeles and plays up the airline's customer service all the way to Auckland. Americans view a visit to New Zealand with some trepidation, with many fearing an uncomfortable, 20-hour journey.

Pete and Air New Zealand aim to bust that myth with in-flight offerings and highlighting the fact that a Los Angeles-Auckland flight is actually 12 hours long. Animated animals in airline ads are not new. Pete follows in the furry footsteps of Qantas' - the Australian operator - comical, complaining koala, who became a pop-culture icon of epic proportions. Merchandising opportunities next?

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