How LinkedIn is becoming a hot social network

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, September 05, 2017
While the network tries to attract users to engage more frequently with original content on their newsfeeds, it has also got big brands to say more.

Nothing much happened in the first nine months after Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion. Now, however, things are moving.

For starters, the digital resume 'parking lot' has become an essential destination for marketers looking to reach an executive audience. In August, the network unveiled an army of third-party partners to help marketers create and manage campaigns.

Though not startling, the transformation has seen LinkedIn becoming more of a real social network. And it seems to be paying off for publishers and brands.

Organisations such as Bloomberg have reported that their LinkedIn follower count has doubled to roughly 1.5 million. Forbes has seen a 137 per cent increase in click-throughs from LinkedIn and an 81 percent increase in followers.

Selective in their content (Forbes, for instance, puts up articles that are more career- and business-oriented and less political than its posts on Facebook or Twitter), publishing brands are seeing better traction.

The integration with Microsoft will help the social network that has half a billion professionals continue with what it is best at - providing a large-scale platform that connects talent to the opportunities available - in many more ways.

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