Sam Jeschke gives away 43,000 packs of Mentos gum free

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, September 08, 2017
Free sampling is a tried and tested route that brands take. But the idea of one man giving away a truckload of Mentos is new.
Sam Jeschke had no idea what he was in for

Sam Jeschke did not know what he was getting into when he signed up as 'brand ambassador' for Perfetti van Melle's chewing gum brand Mentos.

The freshman - chosen from the many applicants - in the University of Wisconsin-Madison signed up for the 'opportunity to make a few extra dollars' and found himself giving away free Mentos gums to his friends in college - 43,000 to be precise.

Mentos has built its brand identity around being a product that helps to connect people, and the 'eagerness of incoming college kids to make new friends on a big campus felt like the perfect setup'.

Creative agency partner Fast Horse helped Mentos document the giveaway. It created a microsite (, posted progress reports to Facebook and other social media channels (#SamHasMentosGum) and shot videos of everything.

There were other attractions for Jeschke and the University. If he managed to give away all the gum in six days, Perfetti van Melle North America will invite DJ Khaled to give a free concert on campus on October 30th. The brand will also pick up Jeschke's tuition tab for a year.

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