JIn Gong Men a.k.a McDonald's

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, October 30, 2017
McDonald's China has changed its name to the Mandarin translation of the Golden Arches: Jin Gong Men.
McDonald's China has adopted a Mandarin name

Is this change of name part of McDonald's effort to catch up with KFC in a market that it has lagged behind the latter for most part?

McDonald's China, is a partnership between McDonald's, CITIC Ltd, CITIC Capital Partners and The Carlyle Group. The name change aims to give the brand a stronger local connection and help to drive its expansion across China. The company aims to increase the number of new restaurant openings from 250 per year in 2017 to 500 per year in 2022.

Whether the name change makes customers happy or not, is what McDonald's will be eagerly waiting for. Picking names with more foreign appeal, however, is not unusual for big name brands. Both Coca Cola and Google have adopted different monikers overseas.

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