Samsung is planning to outsmart Apple's Genius Bar

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, October 31, 2017
Samsung feels it can do better than the once-revolutionary Genius Bar. How?
Samsung And WeWork's Plan To Outsmart Apple's Genius Bar

It was when Mick McConnell was sitting with his wife at one of Apple's Genius Bars that he realized that the charm of the experience had worn thin. After an hour and a half of waiting past his appointment, it had finally lost its chill. That is when he decided to do something about it. But what exactly could one man do?

The difference here was that McConnell was vice president of design as Samsung Electronics America. He realised that there was an opportunity for his own company to outdo the Genius Bar.

As a result, Samsung has partnered with the co-working start-up WeWork to try a quietly radical new approach to customer service. It will be opening three pilot service centres soon, which it dubs "care centers," - in Detroit, Miami, and Williamsburg and New York.

The company will also be hosting a series of after-hours talks with creatives in WeWork spaces. The idea behind this is: if WeWork's customers like Samsung, Samsung gets new customers. And if Samsung's customers like WeWork, WeWork gets more new subscribers.

If it works out, nothing can be better.

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