Hyundai pokes fun at luxury

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, November 02, 2017
The carmaker uses humour to promote its high-performance line and at the same time takes a dig at what luxury is.
Hyundai N Brand Film - Cologne

Ad agency R/GA had this idea firmly in mind for advertising Hyundai's N line of high-performance cars: "stand out of the crowd, to shake-up the staid formula of car advertising, and most importantly to have some fun with viewers."

Lending a hand is Tom Kuntz of Old Spice fame. The four films in the series 'Hairdryer', 'Cologne', 'Headphones' and 'Launch' destroy clichés and highlight the power of the N line.

Hyundai describes its positioning as 'ironic premium', looking to put out a playful spin on the brand.

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