Honda makes a departure from the product-first mindset

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, November 07, 2017
Honda relaunched the Gold Wing recently with its first major redesign in 17 years and, at the same time, tackled a fundamental marketing problem.
Digital campaign for Honda Gold Wing

When it relaunched the 'plush' Gold Wing bike recently, Honda wanted to address a fundamental marketing problem: how to shed the Gold Wing's plush image and reach a new generation of riders. And no, it was not looking at the millennials. Honda wanted the Baby Boomers to ride.

The primary audience would be a Gen X type, already a rider of a sport or street bike now entering a life stage where their kids are out of school, and they have the money to get closer to retirement.

Planning for the bike launch and campaign began two years ago with the agency on record Dailey creating a logging project. Dailey gave 40 riders video cameras and lived with them for a few weeks, tracking their rides and times on their bikes, which gave both client and agency enough material to understand what drives the passions of touring riders.

A new microsite has five videos. This includes the 'What Lies Beyond' ode to the touring lifestyle and where people can ride. There is also a product-centered piece and a 'Beyond the Standard' video with an interactive timeline celebrating the Gold Wing's legacy and evolution from 1975.

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