Google creates the world's 'bluest jeans'

By afaqs! news bureau, Mumbai, February 27, 2017
The jeans made to match the colour of the new Pixel, feature just one pocket instead of five because 'we do everything on our phones,' says Google
Google creates the world's 'bluest jeans'

Tech giant Google has partnered with a UK designer Michael Cowan, to create what they claim to be are the world's only 'really blue' jeans. This is the latest phase of Google's alliance with the fashion industry for their new Pixel smartphone , after having collaborated with designers Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors for their 'Really Blue' fashion line.

For these limited edition jeans, Cowan is said to have designed them in the 'bluest blue' after scouring dye houses all over New York City to find an exact match to the phone cover. They also feature just one pocket instead of the usual five - because we do everything on our phones, says Google.

Earlier in 2015, Google's Project Jacquard technology, has seen it collaborate with apparel giant Levi to create a 'smart jacket' with 'conductive' yarn that can be interwoven with traditional fabrics.

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