Meet Ad-land's Crazy Grannies

By afaqs! news bureau , afaqs!, Mumbai | In Advertising | March 07, 2016
They're spunky. They're cool. They're broadminded. They're crazy. Meet ad-land's most recent arsenal - 'The Granny'

"If you want to grab consumer eyeballs through your advert, just toss in a cute baby or a little furry animal..." said a skeptical branding expert, while rolling her eyes, at a conference, few years back.

Though this was said in the context of America's Superbowl ads, it holds true in the Indian advertising industry as well.

But, things have changed since.

Move along babies and furry animals. Grannies are taking over ad-land - over the past few months, we've seen a fair share of crazy, spunky, cool, fun, broad-minded grannies in our ad films.

A look at some of the memorable ones.

Disgruntled with her granddaughter for marrying a boy who belongs to the same community, Tanishq's peppy Punjabi granny (played by Kamlesh Gill of Vicky Donor fame) reprimands her for not selecting a South Indian groom instead, as that would have given her a chance to wear two different types of wedding jewellery.

In this ad for Abbott, a pharmaceutical company, a young-at-heart, fearless granny pedals away on a bicycle, as her worried grandson looks on. You are only as old as you feel, indeed.

With her hip sunglasses and over-the-top bling, Tata Coffee Grand's rapper granny takes on a bunch of youngsters in true showstopper style. All this to get consumers to sample a new brand of coffee and write about it on social media.

Dadi turns Ninja for Lays

This otherwise benign and gentle granny turns 'ninja' when Ranbir Kapoor refuses to share a packet of Lay's with her. Her solution: Just trap him under his car and steal his chips.

This 'Transferkar Granny', finds an innovative way to scare her Hindi soap-addicted son away and take control of the television remote. Tata Sky to the rescue. Single TV households just got cooler.

What does it take to convince a girl to consider arranged marriage? Just ask her granny to moon-walk to 'Mehndi laga ke rakhna...' via music app

"Yeh sab toh Amazon par bhi milta hai', asserts this tech-savvy granny, in order to silence a pompous youngster who brags about gadgets he purchased from America.

This broadminded granny, settled overseas, almost sounds disappointed when she finds out that her grandson (played by comedian and actor Vir Das) is not 'a gay'. The brand being advertised is Rebtel, Swedish calling company that offers affordable international call rates.

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