Patanjali is India's Buzziest Brand; Amazon, Jio follow...

In the 12th edition of India's Buzziest Brands, the most exciting edition ever, Baba Ramdev's Patanjali has emerged has the No.1 brand. At No.2 is last year's winner Amazon. At No.3 is Jio, a first-timer at the Buzzies....Read more

Patanjali is Indias Buzziest Brand Amazon Jio follow

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Lalit Makhijani

Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Properties

Mobiles are omnipresent now and given their outreach, multiple devices will become a part of an inter-connected network. These devices will interact with one other constantly; such enabling infrastructure will be the game changer in times to come. Digital technology has emerged as a very effective medium for customer engagement across sectors and plays an important role in the marketing effort to bring sales and revenue growth. It also creates positive brand awareness and recall.

We are in the era of 'smart living' and technology will be the biggest enabler that will decide the way we live in the future. To rise to this challenge, marketers will need to think like their technology counterparts and wear not just the marketing but the 'Mar-tech' hat, going forward.