Did we just see a desi ad with a kiss in it?

This adorable new ad by Wrigley's Doublemint is BBDO India's desi rendition of Energy BBDO's American ad for Wrigley Extra....Read more

Did we just see a desi ad with a kiss in it

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Pradeep Dwivedi

CEO, Sakal Media Group

"It is the infectious enthusiasm of creating value that keeps me excited about the business today. I work with an institution with a proud legacy and have the privilege of transforming it into a socially high-impact organisation with significant reader, advertiser and community engagement. It is interesting to see that the fundamentals of good business practices and cross-functional teams, working with a common goal, can work wonders irrespective of industry and company context. The sheer dynamism and emerging market opportunities in our industry are enough to believe that 24 hours a day are not enough."