1000 stories in 1000 minutes celebrates Indian Entrepreneurial diversity

41 partners across India join hands to bring entrepreneurship centrestage.

In an unprecedented effort to showcase entrepreneurs from all walks of life and make entrepreneurship aspirational across India, 41 partners joined hands with Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) to share 1000 entrepreneurship stories from across India. This culminates in a Twitter Marathon 7 am - 11:30 p.m. on May 31. Creating a mass entrepreneurship narrative through storytelling, the alliance shares stories of these unsung heroes, their successes and trials, hopes and dreams and moreover their relentless drive to achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Conversations around entrepreneurship are usually connected to cities and tech enterprises. In an initiative to break this perception and broadbase entrepreneurship to a much wider horizon, 1000 stories in 1000 minutes goes beyond and showcases entrepreneurs across all categories, demographics, classes and gender. The campaign aims to foster greater entrepreneurial spirit, especially among women, by bringing their stories of grit, determination and relentless passion to the fore. The organisations that participated included global platforms, Entrepreneurship Development Organisations (EDOs), incubators, vibrant entrepreneurial communities and grassroot organisations.

“In India, entrepreneurship is still considered a risky profession and hence the attractiveness towards stable government jobs and established startups for employment. Through this campaign and by showcasing 1000 entrepreneurial stories from across categories and geographies, we want to make entrepreneurship aspirational where it becomes a top career choice and where job seekers are inspired to become job creators. A thriving ecosystem with millions of flourishing small businesses will lead to true economic transformation. We also believe these stories must be told and celebrated as much as we celebrate the success of the startup ecosystem” Sandhya Thukaram, COO GAME

1000 stories in 1000 minutes goes live on the GAME twitter handle on the 31st of May where we showcase a story per minute for 16 hours. The alliance consists of Yuwaah UNICEF, Head Held High, Thub, DeAsra, GUSEC, Business Blasters, Atal Innovation Mission, Dream a Dream, 1Bridge, Pollinate Group, TIE Bangalore, Frontier Markets, Jagriti Yatra, Institute of Inspiring Innovation, Medha, TRIF, Buzz Women, Tie Global, AEGF, Sattva, YNOS, Sheroes, Josh Talks, NICE, Inunity, CINI, SRLM, Network Capital, Pink Lemonade, SIDBI, Sygenta Foundation India, UBUNTU, Sewa Bharat, TEOI, Yourstory, Udhyam Learning Foundation, Kinara Capital, Pradan, Data Leads, and Poornatha.

(We got this information in a press release).

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