3 Minds Digital’s 'Workation' lifts employee spirit amidst the pandemic

3 Minds Digital happens to be amongst the limited few upcoming changemakers to have ideated and executed a productive workation.

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, forcing digital agency employees to get accustomed to working from home, reducing opportunities to socialize and communicate with colleagues and team leaders. 3 Minds Digital, an award-winning design & digital agency known for its creativity, planned a four-day-long workation for its employees in Goa in an attempt to break the monotony of WFH life. The founder, Harnish Shah, says, ‘Since the pandemic, the team hadn’t worked together and the new joinees hadn’t experienced our work culture. Work from home took a mental toll on a number of staff, so we planned a workation in Goa as the perfect ice breaker and a way to relax while working for all.’

Workation, a unique concept, mixes fun with work, lifting the spirits of the team. Also referred to as workoliday or woliday, it’s usually practiced by individuals who seek escape from the everyday blues without cost to their work or productivity. 3 Minds Digital happens to be amongst the limited few upcoming changemakers to have ideated and executed a productive workation. Foram Momin, head of Digital Marketing, agrees and adds, ‘Our workation was the perfect blend of productivity, fun, and bonding.’

3 Minds Digital marked its 5th year anniversary with this trip - giving employees all the more reason to celebrate. When an organization successfully achieves its goals and grows over the years, validating the cumulative team effort by honoring it is essential, and going out of the way to do something for the employees can be the best way to do it. This workation was carried out adhering to all protocols, with employees vaccinated and tested with negative RT-PCRs for Covid.

Lodged at a private villa in North Goa, the workation seems to have done its job - successfully bringing employees together. Ms.Urvashi Jain, Lead project manager UI/UX said, “ The workation has been a game-changer- allowing us to fully enjoy working after so long.” Colleagues who’d only interacted through screens and voice calls got a chance to experience effective communication in person. They bonded over things in an informal setting, and felt more at home than before. In addition, they engaged in team building & leisure activities, enabling them to know each other better.

Dhruve Bhanushali, Social media executive, adds, ‘The workation to Goa made me realize that working in a scenic environment can enhance creativity and get the best ideas out of you.’ After the work hours, employees indulged in fun activities to unwind & refresh. With childhood favourites like dog-and-the-bone to party-musts like never-have-I-ever, the team not only learnt more about the coworkers, but also felt alive. 3 Minds Digital also took this opportunity to felicitate its hard-working employees with awards under several categories- boosting their morale and validating their effort, while also serving as an inspiration for others. This workation proved to be a success for both the employees and the management as they learnt things about each other and grew closer as a team - vital for people who work together with a common goal.

Implementing a workation acts as a stress buster for professionals. It encourages healthy relaxation and helps leave behind worries. When employees are brought together for three or four days, it reflects on efficiency and creates an environment where communication flows. Emphasizing this, Mr. Harnish Shah added, ’The feedback and energy that we received from all the employees after the workation was mind-blowing and led to more than 20% better output!’. In present turbulent times, companies like 3 Minds Digital that value their employees enough to look after their mental well-being and happiness are setting the bar high for the industry to follow. By successfully implementing this novel concept of workation with ease, 3 Minds Digital has established its welcoming, passionate, supportive work culture and set an example in the digital industry.

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