Aaj Tak’s highly lauded campaign releases new film ‘Zara Jhukke’ featuring Chitra Tripathi

This is the 5th film of the #AajTakSabseTez campaign

As part of the on-going viral campaign #AajTakSabseTez, the nation’s undisputed No.1 news channel Aaj Tak today launched the fifth film of the series. The film titled ‘Zara Jhukke’ features Chitra Tripathi and throws light on how increasingly many news channels have political leanings and biases. Aaj Tak on the other hand does not need to do that. It believes in straight forward reporting without any political leanings.

Conceptualised and directed by the widely acclaimed Writer-Director Pradeep Sarkar, #AajTakSabseTez campaign is a satirical take on the current news environment in the country and entertainingly highlights the relaxed standards of reporting by some players in the age of fake news. The first film ‘Sach Ka Band’ brought to light the exaggeration of events while presenting the news; the second film ‘Achaar Gully’ highlighted the importance of credibility over sensationalism; the third film ‘Afwaah’ showed the rampant practice of rumour mongering in news and the fourth film ‘Khabaristan’ took a dig at resorting to convenient truths. The campaign is already talk of the town as many celebrities including Sania Mirza, Ashutosh Rana, Jwala Gutta, Mika, Harbhajan Singh, Suresh Raina and many more have been tweeting about it.

Being the most watched and trusted News Channel in India for 20 years, Aaj Tak and its brave journalists have brought a ringside view of every major happening in the country. While many news outlets may have clear leanings, Aaj Tak has always taken the middle ground, without any bias. As the depth of echo chambers increases, the need for a shared platform where both sides can be heard is essential. A place where people can agree to disagree is the need of the hour. Aaj Tak is that listening room, that middle ground for the two sides to continue a meaningful dialogue. What else is a society if not a vibrant conversation in progress?

These films while depicting Aaj Tak’s relentless pursuit to always side with the truth, are equally sure to put a smile on your face!