ACKO's new marketing campaign highlights its superfast claim approval process

Emphasizes how ACKO makes the claims process hassle-free with zero paperwork, and saves the customers’ valuable time with superfast settlements.

ACKO Insurance, one of India’s leading digital insurance company, has launched its latest marketing campaign titled, “Time Nahi Lagega” to highlight ACKO’s superfast claim settlement process that ensures a superior customer experience. It is based on the insight that people perceive the typical insurance claim journey to be a time-consuming, complicated process that involves a lot of paperwork. The campaign counters this perception and depicts the speed with which ACKO settles claims as a key differentiator by comparing it with situations occurring in daily life. ACKO’s previous ad campaign “Insurance Ke Tedhe Games” focused primarily on the three customer benefits of zero commissions, which means lower premiums, no paperwork involved in buying and filing a claim and the 3-day car repair and doorstep delivery*. The new campaign will be amplified across television, digital and social media.

Conceptualized by ‘Papers and Playground’, the creative execution uses humour to illustrate various everyday life situations that people in India encounter and that take an indefinite amount of time to resolve. The ad-film conveys that in many uncertain situations people have become accustomed to hearing the colloquial Indian phrase ‘Time lagega’ and have resigned themselves to accepting the fact that it will take time for things to happen. However, the narrative changes when a man reaches out to ACKO for an insurance claim and is pleasantly surprised to be assured that ‘Time nahi lagega’, a statement that is in sharp contrast to what he expects to hear. The man’s claim settlement is approved immediately after he calls ACKO.

The film’s conclusion delivers the message that with ACKO, the claim settlement process is superfast, has no paperwork and offers a 3-day free doorstep pick-up, repair and delivery. ACKO maximizes these benefits by offering a one-year repair warranty in select cities. With this campaign ACKO establishes its position as a brand that prioritizes the customer’s needs and their time.

Speaking on the campaign, Ashish Mishra, EVP Marketing, said, “The campaign focuses on how ACKO’s auto insurance products are specifically designed to eliminate key customer pain points such as the process of filing a claim that usually requires a ton of paperwork, follow-ups etc. This process is not designed for the customer. However, at ACKO, our customers can file claims with just a few clicks on our website or through the ACKO app within minutes, with no paperwork involved. Claim settlement is fast and in some cases, it’s settled on the same day. This provides a far superior experience to our customers.”

Waris Thakur, Co-founder at Papers and Playground Pvt. Ltd., said, “ACKO sees no reason to shy away from claims. Thanks to a solid product offering, they can settle claims faster than anyone else in the market. To communicate this, we identified a simple truth (problem) that everyone was accustomed to: ‘Time Lagega’. From there on, the ad pretty much wrote itself. People are relating to it because everyone’s faced a ‘Time Lagega’ scenario in their life. Especially so when they have had to deal with an insurance company. But there’s one thing for sure - no one will hear ‘Time Lagega’ from ACKO.”

(We got this information in a press release).

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