An Insightful Gulp Into The Gen Z Reality

Kommune's latest culture report 'Spill the Tea' attempts to decode Gen Z.

Spilling the Tea isn’t just a culture report, this is your window into the Gen Z cultural landscape. Sure it covers the usual bases- work and social media - but this culture report didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions. So sexuality, mental health, love, and relationships, this was a no-holds-barred conversation offering valuable glimpses into the lives of this generation.

The truly groundbreaking aspect of the report is its methodology- as it used spoken word as the medium through which to gauge culture. The report deeply analysed 1605 spoken word pieces received through National Story Slam- India’s largest storytelling tournament and Spoken- one of the world’s largest storytelling festivals festival that becomes a hotspot for cultural conversation of all things relevant to today’s generation As Snigda Bose, who curated the insights and lead the research said- “In this report, we have tried to capture these raw and intimate emotions lying beneath the stories and poetry submitted at Kommune in the last few years.” A thematic analysis was then conducted to glean insights that formed the basis of the questions that were sent out to a stratified sample. More than 2000+ people across tier 1 cities in India between the age group of 18-24 (adult Gen Z) spilled the tea on their lives. What’s particularly interesting is that these insights have been contextualised by real-world events and other external research , making this data significantly more useful and informative. In true Kommune spirit, each insight comes with a heartfelt quote, and some really quirky, avant-garde design making this report a treat to read. As Pranika Borkar, project director and VP at Kommune said “The idea was to make data not boring but more importantly accessible. This is a report made for you and me. It’s mobile-first, a vertical scroll-through, written in everyday Instagram-friendly language and pretty enough that you would heart it on pinterest.”

Roshan Abbas – founder, Kommune says, “At Kommune, we have access to this unimaginable amount of data, and with this report, we are making sense of the world the Gen Z occupy. For brands and marketers, this is a gold mine of information, offering unfiltered insights into Gen Z and those who are Gen Z in their mind. What’s more, the information is given context, providing brands a roadmap to reaching out to young people who are their target audience in a manner where their conversation won’t get lost in the clutter.”

The seven areas that the report deep-dives into include sexuality, work, society and social media, friendships, mental health, family, and love and relationships. Each of these was explored in the context of identity and boundaries, offering a peek into the vibrant cultural and familial landscape this generation traverses.

(We got this information in a press release).

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