#ARM Worldwide changed gears during the lockdown, moving fast towards their ‘consulting’ positioning goal

500+ certifications have been completed during the lockdown.

#ARM Worldwide – India’s leading independent digital marketing and communications consulting firm, launched several learning & development initiatives for all team members along with the leadership team in the organization. Digital transformation is going to be the backbone of all organizations and the pandemic has simply accelerated this shift. It was essential for #ARM to expand knowledge and skills of the workforce to stay ahead of the curve and transformation for brands.

500+ certifications have been acquired by ARManions (ARM’s employees) in which IBM Design Thinking has been one of the cornerstones of the learnings at the organization, followed by Google Certifications (Shopping, Video, Analytics, Display Ad, My Business Basics, AdSearch, Adwords, etc.), Amazon Marketing Solutions certifications, followed by Hubspot Academy (Content Marketing, Social, Inbound, etc), SEMrush, LinkedIn Learning, Twitter Flight School, AWS Cloud, BI, Hootsuite Learnings to name a few.

Ritesh Singh, MD & Co-Founder, #ARM Worldwide said, “We operate in the agency world however we don’t think, act, behave like an agency. #ARM’s goal from a positioning standpoint always has been to be a consulting company, Accenture as an organization has been our inspiration. We at #ARM, used this adversity to our advantage, moving towards our goal & we did build up new workforce capabilities. We are now much stronger as a team and raving to help brands across categories in the next phase of life ‘with COVID’

At ARM Worldwide, the learning & development program was deployed under 2 strategic pillars - ‘Up the Skill’ & ‘Up the Game’. The learning journey didn’t stop at learning & acquiring certificates, Application of Learning had most emphasis, learning had to be applied in both vertical & horizontal fashion i.e. service excellence & thinking it through different categories. Ensuring that the workforce was involved with projects and tasks that allow them to apply and improvise on the new skills. This helped build a sense of encouragement, positivity, and fearlessness within the workforce.

(We got this information from a press release.)

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