Arshad Warsi checks out ACKO’s App in the company’s new brand campaign

The campaign also features cricketers Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah and Krunal Pandya from Mumbai Indians IPL team.

ACKO Insurance, one of India’s leading digital insurance companies, has launched its latest marketing campaign featuring popular bollywood actor Arshad Warsi as the face of the campaign along with players from the Mumbai Indians IPL team. Cricketers Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah and Krunal Pandya make a case for trying out ACKO, and be bowled over by their zero commissions and low premiums, which receives Arshad Warsi’s recommendation for the same.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of there being a better way to buy insurance from ACKO, a digital-first and direct to consumer brand. ACKO offers incredibly low insurance premiums owing to zero commissions. ACKO Insurance covers over 60 Million Indians and has sold 800 million policies till date.

ACKO’s new brand campaign encourages more people to try its App to discover its hassle-free, easy and transparent experience with the promise of low premiums. The tagline ‘ACKO App check kar lo’ delivers a simple and straightforward message and a call to action to experience the benefits first hand. The film titled “Sachi Muchi” will go live during the upcoming IPL season and will be amplified across television, digital and social media. The high decibel campaign will connect with over 400mn people (BARC data) who will tune in for the tournament.

Created and conceptualized by Leo Burnett Orchard , the films depict a light-hearted banter between Arshad Warsi’s character and the MI players. The players walk off the screen into real life situations to help convince Arshad Warsi of the benefits of purchasing insurance on the ACKO App and win him over during the exchange.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Ashish Mishra, executive vice president - marketing, ACKO General Insurance said, “Most customers are not aware that when buying insurance directly from the company, they will be paying much lower insurance premium for getting their car insured. Once they see a quote from ACKO, most of the time, their immediate reaction is "How is this possible"? Our campaign is designed to answer that very question.

In all sincerity, we didn't think we would have to do a campaign to tackle "price unbelievability". But we are glad to address this concern and hopefully this will encourage more people to try ACKO for their car insurance needs.”

Amod Dani, ECD, Leo Burnett Orchard, said, “During the IPL we see a lot of campaigns, where our favorite cricketers endorse multiple products. Quite often these ads create a sense of disbelief. So could an ACKO ad change this? That’s the behavior we tapped into. ACKO’s offerings like zero commission are as amazing as they come and to top it with cricketers endorsing it, it does raise a few eyebrows. We got Arshad Warsi on board, to react to the ACKO Ads, literally in an ACKO ad. The disbelief factor in the ad comes from cricketers talking to Arshad from inside a television set while convincing him in their unique ways by asking him to check the ACKO app and believe in ACKO''.

(We got this information in a press release).

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