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Ashish Banka launches his own ad-venture, Goosebumps

Just as its name suggests, Goosebumps is focused on creating communication that strongly connects with audiences, evoking emotions that make a lasting impression.

The agency will offer flexible digital and video retainer services, ensuring genuine connections with target audiences. The agency also excels in crafting engaging branded content and facilitating meaningful brand conversations. The company has expertise in rural outreach, particularly in 'Bharat,' and they employ strategic direct-to-consumer (D2C) solutions. They also incorporate SaaS-based MarTech solutions for effective customer acquisition, retention, and repeat business. Goosebumps also engages in impactful celebrity collaborations and implements influencer marketing strategies to broaden brand reach, transforming brand narratives into memorable experiences.

Ashish Banka, founder of Goosebumps, brings his extensive experience of working with a diverse range of brands and industries to lead Goosebumps on the journey of creating meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. He states, "Goosebumps embodies my vision of an agency that crafts stories that evoke emotions. Our mission is to provide brands with narratives that leave a lasting impression through content that deeply touches the hearts and souls of their audiences. With our team's vast experience in rural marketing, Goosebumps is poised to assist Agri-input & Agri-tech, among other industries, with their rural reach out, connecting the heartland of Bharat with simple yet effective brand narratives."

Headquartered in Andheri, Mumbai, the Goosebumps team comprises 30+ professionals and is committed to collaborating with experts to help our clients achieve their advertising goals.

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